John Phillips

Ladies Cut & Blow Dry £67

Gents Cut & Finish £42

Blow Dry £42


Tom Ford

Ladies Cut & Blow Dry £50

Gents Cut & Finish £31

Blow Dry £31


Harry Connors

Ladies Cut & Blow Dry £58

Gents Cut & Finish £36

Blow Dry £36


Charlie Rouse

Ladies Cut & Blow Dry £56

Gents Cut & Finish £33

Blow Dry £33


Ian Rotman

Ladies Cut & Blow Dry £55

Gents Cut & Finish £36

Blow Dry £33


Molly Sattz

Ladies Cut & Blow Dry £40

Blow Dry £25


Charlotte Lutt

Ladies Cut & Finish £37

Blow Dry £23


Elliot Rowley

Ladies Cut & Finish £55

Gents Cut & Finish £35

Blow Dry £33


Charlotte Lutt Molly Sattz Tom Ford Blue Thomas
High / Low Lighting
Panel of Colour (From) £40 £40 £45 £50
T-Section £60 £60 £72 £80
Half Head £80 £80 £87 £100
Full Head £100 £100 £125 £140
Additional Colour Services
Root Tint £40 £42 £51 £55
Full Head Tint £50 £53 £58 £65
Root Bleach £74 £77 £80 £87
Full Head Bleach £85 £87 £92 £102
Balayage £80 £85 £102 £112
Balayage + Root Colour £100 £120 £145 £162
Additional Services
Olaplex (In-Colour) £15
Olaplex Treatment £30
Vegetable Rinse £30
Perming £78
72Hair Smoothing Treatment (Price on Consultation)

Please be aware that if you have booked a colour treatment where dye will be applied directly to the scalp, we ask new clients to take a patch test. This needs to be carried out in an OPEN salon no later than 48-hours in advance of the appointment. All prices listed are starting prices.

All hairdressers listed are sole traders and work within OPEN Hairdressing. All discounts have been agreed between OPEN hairdressers.

We offer free consultations on every service (subject to availability). We also offer complimentary fringe trimming for all existing clients.

Children under 13 years of age are entitled to a 20% discount and students can receive a 15% discount with a valid NUS card.

These offers apply Monday – Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays. Prices will revert back to the original figure.

All prices shown are starting prices and can change at the stylist’s or colourist’s discretion.

We reserve the right to cancel any appointment that haven’t been confirmed. This can take place 48-hours prior to the scheduled date of the said appointment.


279 High Street
Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Opening Times
Mon – Wed 9 am – 6 pm
Thu 11 am – 8 pm
Fri – Sat 9 am – 5 pm
Sun 10 am – 5 pm

John Phillips

I believe that the relaxed, professional vibe that makes clients feel they don’t have to stick to one stylist or colourist is what makes OPEN Hairdressing different to other salons.

When you come to one of our salons, you are part of a family of hairdressers who not only love what they do but we understand that team work is what makes our salons have such a warm and welcoming environment.

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Ians Intro

With over 25 years experience in the industry, there is not much he doesn’t know about hair. For the past 12 years he has been educating hairdressers from all over the world on current trends in fashion. Check out what he has to say about it in this recent hairdressers feature.

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