The Reasons OPEN Hairdressing Uses Davines Will Make You Happy

At OPEN Hairdressing Hemel Hempstead, we believe in eco-conscious hair care. We feel it’s our responsibility to use products that benefits the earth and eachother. To achieve this, we use the ethical hair product range from Italian-based company Davines (dav-in-as).

Sulphate, paraben and gluten-free, this range follows a strict set of environmental guidelines. They ensure we can indulge our clients and still do our bit for the environment. However, this brand provides other little-known rewards for our clients. Davines products really are the best eco friendly hair products that help us produce cuts and colours with naturally beautiful results.

So why does OPEN Hairdressing use this brand?

Have we already mentioned it’s an eco-friendly product line?

You won’t have to worry about the wider impact the products will have on your hair or the environment – Davines already has that covered. Most products contain no animal derived ingredients – and it’s known for being a cruelty-free hair brand!

Davines uses Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

OPEN Hairdressing Hemel uses Davines because it favours eco-sustainable and organic hair ingredients. They help to promote a lifestyle Davines calls ‘sustainable beauty’. This means the products can help us celebrate your individuality while having as little effect on the environment as possible. Davines achieves this by maintaining ergonomic working conditions for those who provide the produce and they ensure that the ingredients are replaced once they are harvested.

We love the Recyclable Packaging

It looks good and it does good! Packaging is kept to a minimum with Davines hair products. It means we can clean and style hair without causing damage to nature or human welfare.

If you have any further queries about the Davines next time you visit, help and advice will be on offer. You can even purchase Davines products directly from us if you don’t fancy waiting indoors for a parcel!

If you’d like to experience the natural beauty of these products, why not book an appointment with us today?

For our Hemel salon, please call us on 01442 262673 or email your booking request instead. Alternatively, you can book with us via Google Reserve.

***Exceptions regarding vegan products, sourced directly from the FAQ page at***

Naturaltech Restructuring Miracle, Naturaltech Hair Building Pak and Essential Haircare VOLU/hair mist because the formulation contains keratin;

Naturaltech Nourishing Royal Jelly Superactive, because it contains royal jelly;

More Inside This is a Strong Dry Wax and More Inside This is a Strong Moulding Clay, because they contain beeswax;

Mask with VibrachromTM bleaching powder because it contains milk proteins.

Illustrations by Natalia Podpora

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