Vote Now for OPEN Hairdressing in the Muddy Stilettos Awards!

The Muddy Stilettos Awards are back!

Now in it’s fourth year, the well-known lifestyle website Muddy Stilettos has launched it’s awards to celebrate, promote and support fantastic lifestyle businesses across 21 counties outside of London. However, this year, OPEN Hairdressing is nominating itself into two categories in the Herts and Beds region:

Best Hair Salon: OPEN Hairdressing Berkhamsted, OPEN Hairdressing Harpenden and OPEN Hairdressing Hemel Hempstead

Best Newcomer: OPEN Hairdressing Hemel Hempstead

Four lovely staff members at OPEN Hairdressing Berkhamsted

Therefore YOU can help us win by voting for OPEN Hairdressing!

And the process is very simple.

How to vote in the Best Hair Salon category:

  1. First of all, to register, go to Muddy Stilettos via the link HERE and enter your email address to receive a link email in your inbox.
  2. Go to your inbox and open the email from Muddy Stilettos. It will contain a voting link that is unique to you. It will look like the image below, then click ‘Nominate now’.

3. Scroll down until you find the ‘Best Hair Salon’ category, click ‘Nominate’:

4. Consequently, to vote for OPEN Hairdressing Berkhamsted / Harpenden / Hemel Hempstead as Best Hair Salon, in the ‘Who are you nominating?’ box, please type ‘OPEN Hairdressing Berkhamsted ‘ or ‘OPEN Hairdressing Harpenden’ or ‘OPEN Hairdressing Hemel Hempstead’.

5. In the ‘..and where are they based?’ box beneath, type ‘Hertfordshire’. Once completed, click ‘Submit Your Nomination’.

Use your unique voting link if you get lost to re-enter the details.

How to vote in the Best Newcomer category:

6. As you’ve registered your email, to vote for OPEN Hairdressing Hemel Hempstead as Best Newcomer, scroll down again until you find the ‘Best Newcomer’ category, then click ‘Nominate’.

In the ‘Who are you nominating?’ text box, please type ‘OPEN Hairdressing Hemel Hempstead’.

Next, in the ‘..and where are they based?’ type ‘Hertfordshire’ in the text box beneath. Once completed, click ‘Submit Your Nomination’. Now you’ve voted!

Deadline for Votes: Wednesday 8th May 2019

In contrast, if you’d like more information on the Muddy Stilettos Awards, you can check out the link here.

Thank you for taking to the time to vote for us! We really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to stay #inlovewithlocal and we will let you know if we make it to the final!

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