See the Results: What Happened to Lily’s Lovely Locks – and Why?

When an appointment was made for 10-year old Lily, she was looking for a way to improve the lives of others in her local community. A light-hearted conversation with her mum Caroline turned into a challenge that Lily and OPEN Hairdressing will remember for years to come.

So what happened?

On 19th May, OPEN Hairdressing stylist Elliot Rowley and Sophie Phillips were given an important task. They was asked to help Lily fulfil her wishes of cutting off all her hair so it could be sent to a special charity. Elliot recalls that Lily was “hugely brave” throughout her appointment. Lily was also backed by a supportive entourage at OPEN Hairdressing Berkhamsted. However, Lily decided to help not one, but two amazing charities of her choice.

Lily was prepped by Sophie

Which charities did Lily choose?

Firstly, Lily wanted to make a hair donation for kids. Out of all the hair donation charities out there in the UK, she chose to send her locks to the Little Princess Trust. This charity offers children with cancer the chance to wear real hair wigs. They also shed light on the vital research that helps us to better understand and defeat cancer in young people.

Secondly, Lily is passionate about assisting people who are experiencing homelessness. For this reason, her Mum started a Just Giving page to help Lily raise funds for local homeless charity DENS. DENS (Dacorum Emergency Night Shelter) is more than what you might expect from a facility for the homeless. The charity goes to great lengths to support everyone affected by this issue. This ranges from those who are at risk of losing their home to rehabilitating individuals into temporary, private accommodation.

Lily and friend
Lily, Elliot and entourage

With hopes of raising at £250 for DENS, she has surpassed her goal and has successfully raised nearly £1,000. And the total is still rising. Caroline had said that while Lily was shocked to see her new look, she now loves it. Well done Lily!

If you would like to donate to Lily’s Just Giving page, please follow the link here.

Lily is delighted with her achievement