OPENLY Obsessed: Why We Really Love Bumble’s Invisible Oil

Protecting your hair from the sun’s rays should become an important and necessary part of your daily grooming routine. This is particularly when the days begin to turn warmer. We advise our lovely clients to do all they can to protect their hair and themselves. And having high-quality products on hand is a great place to start.

Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil is a best-selling, heat-damage repair treatment. We’re going to take you through the 5W’s (and one H) of why you also need this in your bathroom cupboard at home. Or even your beach bag!

In addition, don’t forget there is always time to book an appointment at our Berkhamsted salon, Hemel Hempstead or Harpenden salon. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to trial a product like this for yourself. Our professional and knowledgeable stylists will be on hand to help to get you and your hair ready for the sun. You can even purchase these products directly from our salons instead of waiting around for a postal delivery. Besides, only 60 hairdressers up and down the UK stock Bb products – and we’re hugely proud to be one of them!

Bb’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil


Bumble and bumble is a globally recognised brand that first opened it’s doors in 1970’s New York. OPEN Hairdressing, however, regularly uses and sells this item to those with medium to thick hair, straight or curly. It’s also suitable for those with brittle or colour-treated locks.


This heat-damage hair product contains a UV filter that protects hair from the sun with a luxurious, six-ingredient blend of oils. But don’t worry – it is a fast-absorbing formula that controls frizz and tangles, leaving hair smooth and silky without feeling greasy.


Bumble and bumble products are currently used across our salons. OPEN’s salons are well stocked with this product line and our team members will be happy to make sure you go home feeling and looking your best.

The Oil (centre) with other members of Invisible range


This product should be applied sparingly to damp or semi-dry hair and before styling with heat. Expect a glossy mane with just one to two pumps of this magic formula.


Exposing your hair to long periods of sunlight can damage the proteins that make your hair follicles strong. This, therefore, can cause colour changes and turn hair from happy and healthy to dull and dry. The Invisible Oil acts as a barrier to free radicals and anti-oxidants – both of which significantly weaken the hair’s integrity. No wonder this product is flying off the shelves!


There’s not one, but two ways you can use this product at home. Firstly, you can work a small amount into damp hair before styling with heat products. Alternatively, you can smooth this through dry hair for a glossy finish – how easy is that?

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