Introducing The Top 4 Essentials Elliot Rowley Needs for an Amazing Cut

OPEN Hairdressing stylist Elliot Rowley has an extensive kit of hairdressing essentials. To give you an idea of what to expect during a consultation or appointment with him, he has selected some of his favourite pieces of equipment and products that he uses on a regular basis for a polished final look.

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Elliot’s Staple Scissors

Elliot testing a range of scissors

Elliot perfected his craft at Mahogany Hairdressing in London prior to joining OPEN Hairdressing. He owes much of his training to his choice in scissors:

“Hairdressing scissors are an extension to the hand… we all have different shaped hands and sizes and choosing the right pair of scissors is so important.”

His consultations are an important part of the hairdressing process. Depending on your hair and day-to-day needs, Elliot has a wide selection of hairdressing scissors tailored for a specific hair-cutting technique. Each have a different function and are designed to shape a look especially for you.

Elliot Adores Davines

Davines MOMO Shampoo and Conditioner

Above all, Elliot plans to “create bespoke hair care plans for individual client needs”. This is the case for both hair consultations and appointments:

“I feel everyone should have a basic three-step, essential hair care plan. So first, shampoo – at OPEN Hemel Hempstead, we use ethical hair care products from Davines (dav-in-as).
My personal favourite is the MOMO range – it replenishes hair, leaving it soft and moisturised – plus it smells great too! Then it’s on to Conditioner – I use complimentary products based on you and your hair type. And then a leave in conditioner – I like using OI Oil, for example, on many of my clients.”

Elliot’s High-Quality Hair Oil

Davines OI Oil

Speaking of OI Oil, this product has become a firm favourite of Elliot’s. This would be considered a ‘leave-in’ treatment which can be applied after washed, semi-dry hair.

“It’s super light, nourishing and provides UV and heat protection. It also helps to eliminate frizz. I’ve never worked with a product like it before in all my years of hairdressing.”

Elliot likes this product so much that he thinks everyone should have it in their cupboard at home! However, he assures that you only need one or two pumps of OI Oil to control your hair.

Elliot’s Go-to Hairdryer

The Dyson Hairdryer

The Dyson hairdryer revolutionised the hairdressing world back in 2016. It caused such a stir, in fact, that the late Karl Lagerfeld ordered a Dyson hairdryer for his cat before it even went on general sale!

“Not all hairdressers like this style of hairdryer – but I like it because it’s designed with a long handle and there’s no chance of heat damage to the hair”

Elliot is never far away from this valued piece of equipment. Evenly distributing heat and air, he can achieve a variety of looks where hair is both dried and styled much quicker.

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