4 Useful Ways to Effectively Manage Hairdresser Anxiety

For some, hairdresser anxiety is a real struggle. It means that some clients can experience worry, unease or nervousness in a salon. This means some avoid going to the hairdressers altogether. The thought of a stylist cutting hair shorter than requested, engaging in awkward small talk and pretending you love the final result are just some of the things that we never want our clients to experience.

So enough is enough. At OPEN Hairdressing, we want to assure every client that they can expect nothing less than considerate and understanding interactions with our professional and friendly staff. We’re real people people, and there won’t be any dry conversation!

Each stylist at OPEN has a long history working with a variety of clients, hair types and lifestyles. Interacting with people is huge part of their job as much as it is hairdressing. And we will do everything we can to make you feel as calm and comfortable as possible.

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Come in for a FREE consultation

A free consultation with one of our lovely stylists is a practical and positive step to take before you decide to book an appointment with OPEN Hairdressing. It won’t just benefit you, but our stylists as well. They will have the chance to get to know you and you, them.

Our staff members can inform you on what to expect during an appointment. They’ll also tell you what products may be used to compliment you and your final look. Because you deserve to look and feel great inside and out.

To book a consultation at our Harpenden salon, you can drop the salon an email or call 01582 762444;

For our Berkhamsted salon, you can email the salon or call 01442 862227;

Or for our Hemel Hempstead salon, email the salon or call 01442 262673.

Bring a photo to your appointment

A picture speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it?

Having a photo reference with you is the perfect way to clearly explain to a stylist what you would like your hair to look like. It’s your chance to work together to match the aesthetics from the photograph to you personally. You and your stylist/colourist can build on what the photograph depicts so there will be very little room for miscommunication.

Remind yourself that YOU are the one in control

We want you to know that your appointment is on your terms. Our stylists are here to support you, not work against your wishes. We simply want to make great cuts and colours, surrounded by great conversation in a chilled out salon environment.

We hope this has helped and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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