Introducing You to OPEN’s Amazing Co-Director Jack Palmer

OPEN offers a talented team – all with a passion for hair

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at OPEN Hairdressing 

I am the Co-Director of OPEN Hairdressing and I work at OPEN Hairdressing Harpenden. I’m from Essex and I started training as a barber whilst I was still in school. It looked like fun and I enjoyed playing a part in creating someone’s look. I started my A-Levels in Business Studies, Chemistry and Accountancy. However, I quickly realised that I had a big passion for hair.

I loved the short, sharp shapes that Vidal Sassoon became famous for. To me, I thought his academy would be the perfect place for me to learn my craft as a professional. It took me three years to qualify as a Sassoon stylist in St Paul’s. I then moved to a busy Covent Garden salon. I was privileged enough to work on various shows throughout my time there. It was a joyous time and has left me with a lot of good practices. This was not only with hair but in life as well. 

Where did you work prior to OPEN Hairdressing?

I left to go travelling and I used Sydney as a hub and worked in a couple of salons. This included an Aveda salon in Paddington and a small, independent salon next to the beach in Avalon. When I returned from my travels, I realised how much I missed London. I wanted to be at the heart of it again. Therefore, I found a brilliant little salon in the heart of Soho. I could rent a chair and build a client base in an area that I loved. When the business closed, OPEN came into play. 

OPEN’s Director John Phillips and I first met during our training days at Sassoon. John was working on the last part of his staff training. But I was nearing the end of my hairdressing apprenticeship in London. Our love for hair and similar sense of humour brought us together and we get along well. One day, I received a perfectly timed call and John. He asked if I fancied working with him for a few days a week and I happily accepted.  

OPEN to having a laugh, Jack at our salon in Harpenden

What do you think makes OPEN Hairdressing different to other salons? 

OPEN Hairdressing felt like a home straight away and it was good to see familiar faces. I loved what John and the team had created from the word ‘go’. I knew that OPEN would be in my future. After a year back and forth from the city to Berkhamsted, we partnered up and created a hairdressers in Harpenden.

OPEN also offers a talented team and a host of like-minded stylists. The majority are ex-London hairdressers – all with a passion for hair. There is no ego at OPEN and everyone has the client’s appeasement as their main priority in a fun atmosphere. 

What can clients expect when they have an appointment with you? 

When someone has a haircut with me, I want them to feel relaxed. The part that I love doing most is making someone feel good. Plus, I know a thing or two about suitability and hair care! 

What do you enjoy most about your role at OPEN Hairdressing? 

Being able to help this brand grow with friends is what makes my job enjoyable. It’s knowing that the future of this salon is down to us. And you can stay up-to-date with all things OPEN by following us on Instagram and liking us on Facebook.