Introducing You to the Wonderful Elliot Rowley at OPEN Hairdressing

I feel it’s my mission to make every client feel special

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at OPEN Hairdressing 

I’m a stylist at OPEN Hairdressing. However, I’ve been involved with OPEN since the business started. OPEN Co-Director Ben Harrison and I completed our hairdressing training in London together at Ena Hair Salon, while I had worked with Harry Connors at Mahogany Hairdressing. It was exciting when the opportunity came up to reunite with them and ignite Hertfordshire with the flare of OPEN Hairdressing’s ethos. I’ve also had extensive experience working on fashion shows, photo shoots, film and television.

What do you think makes OPEN Hairdressing different to other salons? 

It’s London hairdressing on your doorstep. We are a team of enthusiastic hairdressers; willing to make our mark and bring clients a professional hairstyle that’s tailored to them. 

What can clients expect when they have an appointment with you? 

I feel it’s my mission to make every client feel special. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than having a personal connection with each of my clients. I feel that OPEN is the perfect environment to achieve this. Each salon is unique and they all have their own personality.  

Elliot Rowley at work in OPEN Hairdressing Hemel

What do you enjoy most about your role at OPEN Hairdressing? 

I enjoy working with the full spectrum of stylists. It enables me to recommend clients to all the talented colour artists within OPEN Hairdressing. Above all, my dream is to be able to dedicate myself to loyal clientele, have loads of fun grow with them. 

Where can clients find you? 

I’m lucky enough to have what I call a ‘roamer’ job role. I work at OPEN Hairdressing Berkhamsted and our award-winning OPEN Hairdressing Hemel Hempstead. Clients can also follow OPEN on social media via our Instagram and Facebook pages.