OPEN Hairdressing’s Guide on How to Style a Cool Quiff

Many of us think that hairdressers tend to be female dominated areas. However, with OPEN Hairdressing, this is simply not true.

Hairstyles for men are just as important as those for our female clientele. We’re proud to offer a variety of men’s hairstryles that are similar to those found in London’s top barbers. And all without the lengthy commute! Above all, we believe that our clientele deserve to have a high quality and professional sessions right on their doorstep.

Furthermore, OPEN Hairdressing team is headed by a team of ex-London and Vidal Sassoon trained stylists / educators. These include OPEN Director and Founder John Phillips and Co-Directors Ben Harrison and Jack Palmer. They ensure that every team member combines London-esque hairdressing techniques with a practical outcome for the client and high street. But to do that, we also need to use the right hair products for you.

So what are we discussing here?

We’re talking about a classic men’s hairstyle: the quiff. It first emerged during the 1950’s but this men’s hairstyle trend didn’t become popular again until the 1990’s. Modern day quiffs are designed so that plenty of hair remains at the front. The rest fades into shorter parts at the sides and back of the head.

At OPEN Hairdressing Harpenden, Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead, many products we use are by Bumble and bumble. We’ve selected a few products to show you how OPEN would create a perfect quiff. And afterwards, you are welcome to give it a go at home for yourself!

And don’t forget there is always time to book an appointment with us. For our quirky Harpenden salon, simply book with us via email or call us on 01582 762444. However, if you would like to visit our Berkhamsted salon, book with us via email or call us on 01442 862227. You can just pop by in person and book with one of our friendly staff members instead.

A sleek fade on apprentice Kane

To start…

Firstly, blow dry the hair into a quiff using the heating and cooling technique of your hairdryer once you’ve used heat protection. Next, you can work in Bumble and Bumble’s Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil. It’s a product that’s strong enough to hold hair in place without feeling tacky. You only need to apply a small amount into damp hair beforehand and build up if necessary. Oh, and prepare to add an incredible shine to your quiff too!

A textured look from OPEN Hairdressing

Option One

If you want to create a textured look, you can use Bumble and bumble’s Sumoclay. Rake this product through your hair with your fingers and work through as much as needed for maximum hold.

A sleek and simple look

Option Two

If you want to beef up your barnet, Bumble and bumble’s Sumotech is the way to go. It’s a malleable product that enhances shine. Overall, it can applied with the palms of your hands all over your hair. Job done!