Vote for OPEN Hairdressing in the National Hair and Beauty Awards!

OPEN Hairdressing is delighted to announced that we are a finalist in The National Hair and Beauty Awards! OPEN is competing for the title of Best Hair Salon. The winner will be announced in October of this year.

The aim of The National Hair and Beauty Awards is to recognise the hard work and dedication of professionals across the hair and beauty industry. Furthermore, the awards hope to shed light on those who excel in their field and share their experiences with people from all areas of the country. The awards ceremony will take place at the beautiful conferencing and banqueting hall Athena in Leicester.

But how does the National Hair and Beauty Awards decide a winner?

Well, that’s where we need your help! Ultimately, a combination of the public’s vote and those cast by an independent panel of judges will declare the winner. We need as many votes as we can to secure our chances of winning the title. Therefore, we ask that you please vote for us and share this message with everyone you know. It would mean a great deal to everyone working at OPEN Hairdressing to win this award and help the business prosper for years to come.

To vote for OPEN Hairdressing in the ‘Best Hair Salon’ category, please follow these steps below. This will ensure that your vote is made and registered correctly:

Step 1

Once you have clicked the link, scroll down until you find the Best Hair Salon category (15th item down). Please select OPEN Hairdressing by clicking our name once. It should then be highlighted in green.

Step 2

Scroll down again and you will be asked to give your email address. As soon as you’ve filled out your details, please complete the voting process by selecting ‘Click to Vote’.

And finally…

The National Hair and Beauty Awards will confirm that your vote has been counted by giving you a thank you note. And that’s it! We very much hope that you, your family and friends will be on board to help us win.

So, without further ado, please nominate OPEN Hairdressing by following the link HERE.

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Images sourced from the official National Hair and Beauty Awards website.