Here’s Why You Need to Try The Remarkable Lob at Least Once

The lob haircut, otherwise known as the long bob, is a hairstyle that sits on or just above the collarbone. Think of it as a longer version of the classic bob haircut – it’s neither too long nor too short. But what makes this haircut so appealing? If you’re currently sceptical, you might want to read on. OPEN Hairdressing has listed the top three reasons why the lob haircut is worth trying and why it’s one to be admired:

It’s so manageable and versatile!

Whether you decide to wear a full fringe, side or middle parting, the infamous lob works wonders for the face. The lob haircut for fine hair is ideal if you want to give the impression of fuller and thicker hair.

Meanwhile, if you’re one of our long or thick hair clients, a lob can prevent your hair from looking drab. Long hair can sometimes be difficult to control and can drag attention away from your face. There really is no other cut that can achieve this quite like a lob haircut. Layers will allow your stylist to frame your face a little bit more and give your hair some added movement.

It’s perfect to wear all year round

Despite the changing seasons, the lob can be easily styled for both casual and formal settings throughout the year. OPEN doesn’t always style lobs that are polished to perfection. Sometimes, an undone and texturised look is the best way to wear it. This is so it doesn’t appear rigid and flat.

For example, Bumble and bumble’s Don’t Blow it Fine (H)air Styler means you won’t have to spend hours drying your locks. It’s definitely a trustworthy companion for lob enthusiasts! Even scrunching the ends of the hair gently or brushing out curls with a curl iron will make your long bob high street ready.

You don’t have to commit to one style

It can seem daunting when you walk through the salon doors knowing you are about to have a significant chop! However, with the lob, you can have the best of both worlds. Ultimately, the long bob is a hairstyle that is neither too long nor too short. If for whatever reason you aren’t comfortable with your hair, it’s much easier to work from a middle ground. The OPEN team can adjust the length your hair and soon help you realise your vision.

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