OPEN Recommends Ways to Style Quality Fringes on Any Hair Type

When it comes to your fringe style, there are so many ways to wear them. A new fringe styles can inject a whole new personality to your hair and revive tired looking locks. Fringes are often a low-maintenance feature of a cut that suit every age and face group. But when it comes to deciding which type would truly suit you and your face shape, our OPEN stylists would recommend you choose certain styles over others.

We know that hair is such a versatile feature of your overall appearance and like you, holds lots of potential. And that’s why we’ve taken a look at some fringe styles that benefit common hair types. Whether you’re taking part in a consultation or simply your regular appointment, we’re here to show you that you can get London-quality results in the comfort of an OPEN Hairdressing salon.

If you have short hair…

Apart from a few exceptions, short hairstyles often have the fringe at the front and centre of a cut. For example, pixie cuts are a classic option. You could even ask one of our stylists to add some edge by keeping it short or blur the line between your side parting and fringe for a fuller look. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

However, we think that the best way to integrate a striking fringe is to opt for the classic bob. With this style, you can really make it your own. Whether you like a strong flat fringe or a bouncy beach wave look, our clients choose the bob because we can demonstrate just how many dimensions can be created with their hair.

If you have long hair…

While many OPEN Hairdressing clients are used to sweeping their hair to one side or having a fringe up hairstyle, we sometimes need to remind ourselves just how flattering fringe styles for long hair can look.

Eyebrow-skimming fringes are a bold choice if your looking to make an impact. On the other hand, arched fringes (starting mid-brow then lengthening out at the sides of the face) are great for our clients with round/square shaped faces. You could even go one step further and ask your stylist for their thoughts on creating a long, side-swept fringe. This style allow the hair to fall seamlessly into the rest of your hair to create a beautifully natural hairstyle.

If you have wavy hair…

If you’d like to incorporate a fringe into your hairstyle, approach with a bit of caution! The most essential part is to not overdo it. Work together with your stylist to establish a look that works for you – it’s part of their job after all!

You could consider adding some soft section of hair that include wispy layers. However, in the majority of cases, wavy hair needs weight in order for it to sit neatly on your head. That’s why side-swept fringes are the go-to for girls and guys with curls.

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