How We Think a Simple Haircut Can Be Good For Your Wellbeing

At OPEN Hairdressing, we’re all about putting our client’s needs front and centre to help them look and feel exceptional. With all the never-ending distressing stories in the news and our busy lifestyles, it seems that we forget to take some time out for ourselves to re-energize. While some many may not think twice about the idea, heading to the hairdressers for some restorative ‘you time’ can actually help you to combat negative feelings. Not only can a haircut simply cheer you up, but it can even contribute to better mental health.

Getting a haircut improves mood

Really? Tell me more!

As humans, we’re naturally sociable creatures. However, hairdresser/clientele conversations can be invigorating and even therapeutic. While we assume many seek professional mental health services for our troubles, the hair salon can be a far more relaxed way to ease the strain of everyday and surround yourself with caring individuals.

If you think that the primary function of hair salons is to cut hair, then you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg! Many clients see OPEN as a chance to socialise with our team members and fellow clientele. We love a good natter and you can be sure that we never bring a dry conversation to the chair. We’re happy to talk to our clients and engage in topics, from the personal to the downright fun.

What else can you tell me?

We’ve worked with all kinds of people and being conversational is part of our job. We’re always here to help dispel of any anxiety when you visit the hairdressers. OPEN is a safe space where we welcome our clients to offload and simply relax with us. We’ll even hand you a complimentary drink and put on some great music to make sure you feel at home!

We saved you a seat!

Ultimately, we hope that our clients, new and regulars, will feel like they can be themselves when they are with us. We think of ourselves as natural care-givers to not just your hair but you as well. However, our aim is to inspire a real sense of community. We hope we can encourage more people to join us and experience the OPEN way of hairdressing.

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