How to Get the Most out of a Hair Consultation at OPEN

For all our clients, stylists/colourists, a hairdressing consultation is key when deciding what you truly want for your hair. As a result, OPEN Hairdressing can offer you expert advice and pair it with our years of hairdressing knowledge and expertise. While you won’t experience a hair transformation at this stage, our FREE consultations are essential for a successful salon experience. Take it from OPEN’s Co-Director Ben Harrison, who prides himself on giving you a worthwhile and informative discussion.

In addition, consultations provide the opportunity for clients and OPEN Hairdressing team members to work together. You might feel nervous at the hairdressers – especially if you’re unsure of what you want and if you’re new. Or you could even be thinking “is OPEN is the right place for me?“. However, we’ve devised a quick, little guide to help you prepare for a consultation. If you’re organised, then that’s half the battle, right?

Stylist Harry with model

What should I say at my consultation?

Firstly, don’t worry about what you think you ought to say when you visit our salons. You can make a good start by describing what you don’t like about your current style. Then, you can build on this to talk about your desired results. It’s a good way for you and our stylists/colourists to plan and take the necessary steps towards your final goal.

If you are dying hair or growing out fringes, bare in mind that the results you want won’t be instant. If you are due for a colour appointment, it’s also important that you know how to carry out a patch test. However, come along to our salons armed with your list of likes and your dislikes. And don’t forget to ask your stylist what time scale you’ll both be working with.

Another positive aspect of a consultation at OPEN Hairdressing is that they are fun! It’s a chance for you to inform us about your day-to-day routine. Everything that’s important to you will be taken into consideration. That way, we can customise our treatments specifically for you.

Stylists Ben and Elliot

But what do I ask for?

There are no standard hairdressing consultation questions. All that you need to know is that there are no limits to what you can ask for from us. We’ve seen and heard it all! Plus, feel free to ask us about the products we use, what we use ourselves and home care.

Furthermore, you are welcome to ask us for our personal opinions. If you think you need to have a solid idea of what you want – you don’t. Remember – at OPEN, clients and team members work together. OPEN really thrives on a collaborative work environment. We invite everyone looking for a London-style salon experience to have an active role in how they want to look.

Should I bring something with me?

At OPEN, we love developing a look from visuals that our clients bring in. They could be a cutting from a magazine or an image that you saw on social media. For example, saving images on social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram are useful ways to store your references.

Another reason why bringing in pictures to a consultation is handy is so that we’re all using the same language! The last thing we want is for your hair hopes to get lost in translation. We understand that hairdressing terminology can get confusing, but it’s very easy to collect information with picture references to hand.

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