How to Grow Out your Grey Hair the Easy Way

Today, it seems we live in a society where we’re outgrowing our attitudes towards grey hair. Nowadays, those with grey hair are embracing their looks. You only have to look in the latest fashion magazines to see that this colour become fashionable for people of all ages! If you are also thinking about growing out your grey hair – we say own it! An here, we have come up with a few helpful tips to help you grow out your grey tresses with confidence and ease:

How cool does she look?

Be prepared to wait a little while

Patience, people, patience! When you decide to encourage grey hair regrowth, be aware that you may have to work around a particular time frame. Realistically, we advise that you will have to wait approximately eighteen months for a full regrowth to occur.

The first stage of the process is to start by leaving your greys around the hairline. This stops a harsh regrowth from appearing. Besides, this will look far more natural and later, it will allow you to introduce more grey colour gradually. If you have booked a consultation with OPEN Hairdressing, it’s worth asking your colourist to apply a lighter tint around the hairline. From here, you could opt for some highlights or balayage. The distinction between your grey hair and the rest of your hair will be much smoother.

Think about your hair from root to tip

If you’re ready to go grey, you can start by using deep cleansing shampoos to slowly lighten your greys. OPEN Hairdressing has a wonderful range of shampoos from Bumble and bumble and/ Davines to assist you with this. We also advise that you think about lightening the ends of your hair, not just your roots. This means it can prevent the overall colour from looking too solid. You can even ask your colourist for their thoughts on adding thicker highlights to give your hair a nice contrast – they will have an answer that you can trust.

A silver look by Tai Walker

Cover the regrowth and build courage!

There are temporary hair colour concealers out there that prevent harsh colour lines appearing. You’re very welcome to ask our fabulous colourists which ones they would recommend for you.

Have you considered a shorter haircut?

It’s true that the more hair you cut off, the easier it is for your hair to transition to grey. It’s not for everyone, but we say as long as you are comfortable at OPEN, then why not have your hair cut short? You could even add a few layers in for good measure!

Same rules apply to men

Don’t be afraid to learn from the stylist

Knowing how to manage grey hair is a lot easier once you have a conversation with us. Grey hair is often coarse, so having a great blow dry will smooth out your grey hair will stop it from looking brittle. You can even take the same blow drying techniques that we use at OPEN Hairdressing with you for home!

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

In contrast, natural grey hair is often in better condition than coloured hair. However, due to the hair’s texture, it can have the opposite effect. So, OPEN suggests that you opt for hair treatments that are known for their hydrating and moisturising properties. Hair oils are another great tool to keep hair in good condition throughout the day. They also encourage shine and stop dull colours from showing.

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