The Stress-Free Guide to Growing out Short Hairstyles

Sometimes, we get a bit caught up when we see a friend with a stylish new bob. Or perhaps when we see a family member with a neat pixie cut. It’s from there that you may decide to take the plunge and go for the chop yourself. However, it can get to a point where the stars have gone out of your eyes and you’re left fighting with a little fringe that has it’s own ideas about where to sit on your head.

But fear not. At OPEN Hairdressing, we’re all too familiar with clients who are growing out a short haircut. It can be an exasperating and time-consuming matter. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few ideas to help you get through those initial growing pains:

Freshly trimmed by Harry Connors

Mind your hair maintenance

While this may sound contradictory to what many of us would assume, we have good reason to say it. Booking regular trims at OPEN Hairdressing can actually speed up hair growth as opposed to leaving it alone. Ultimately, damaged, dry and weak hair will result in split ends. Consequently, they can also slow down the process of growing out short hair. There is no reason why you can’t grow out short hairstyles and still walk out of our salons looking ultra-modern and confident.

Cut by Elliot Rowley

Give heat a time out

A little bit of styling can make all the difference if you want to grow short hair fast. However, heat on unprepared hair can damage it further. We stock a great selection of heat-protecting hair products that you can’t find everyday on the high street. Why not pop in next time you’re passing and we’ll show you what our experts use? You can also try letting your hair air-dry naturally, which can be a nice change from a polished, ‘just-walked-out-the-salon’ look.

Ben Harrison prepping a client

Hold off on frequent hair washing

Everyone is different when it comes to how often they wash their hair. You could try washing your hair every other day as opposed to every day. This gives your hair a chance to recover from the onslaught of chemicals contained in hair treatments at home. The aim is to ensure that your hair can retain as many nutrients and naturally occurring oils as possible to protect itself. If you find it is time to wash your hair, it’s better to treat your hair kindly with warm water as opposed to hot.

Decorate your hair with dainty details


Whilst you’re waiting for your ideal hair length to return, take the time to change up your hairstyle and accessorise. Hair clips, hair bands or even a bandanna can turn your entire look around. But enjoy this time whilst you can. You’re hair is an extension of you and your individuality so don’t be worried about trying something new!

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