The Ultimate Men’s Hair Care Guide is Here

Men’s hair care is a frequent talking point at OPEN Hairdressing. From how often you should wash you hair to thinning hair, our stylists and colourists have worked with all sorts of clients. Some hair issues come up in conversation more than others. So, we’ve gathered our top men’s hair care tips from across our salons so you can bring the OPEN way of hairdressing into your home:

Stylist Ben Harrison working a flattering fade

Wash your hair with your intuition…and shampoo!

Does your hair feel greasy? Could you last another day without washing your hair? Ultimately, how often you wash your hair is down to you. You may want to be time-savvy and wait a day longer. Or you may want to stick to your regular hair washing routine. Above all, your hair still needs the vital oils and nutrients it needs in order to protect itself. This includes things like safe-guarding itself from heat damage and pollution.

On the other hand, there can also be a build up of unwanted elements such as the smell of cigarette smoke and dandruff. So don’t worry too much about how often you wash your hair. Why not pop into our salons next time you’re passing and we can chat to you about what’s best for you and your hair?

Less is definitely more

Here, we’re talking about what products are right for you and how much to use. If you are using a styling product, start with a small quantity and build up the amount you use gradually. This comes in handy particularly if you’re styling a quiff or a long hairstyle. Adopting this method means you won’t have to worry about your hair looking greasy or tacky. But remember, if you end up overdoing the product, you can often only get rid of it by washing it out!

We use Bumble and bumble products!

Treat hair care the same as skin care

As men tend to choose short hairstyles, it’s vital that the right men’s hair products for styling are chosen. Washing your scalp is just as important as washing your hair. We have a fantastic range of products across the OPEN salons, from Bumble and bumble to Davines. What’s more is that you won’t find on everyday shop shelves. You’re welcome to pop into our salons next time you’re passing. We’re happy to match you with the products based on what your hair needs.

Work with thinning hair, not against it

It’s a fact of life that as we get older, our hair begins to change colour and lose it’s integrity. If you have fine hair, OPEN advises that you keep your hair short and cropped. Not only does this give the appearance of strong looking hair, it also gives the impression that you have thicker hair. We often use matte styling products on our male clients who are looking for a full bodied look. This is because hair gel and wax can actually highlight the scalp and make hair seem translucent.

Always use conditioner

Conditioner isn’t just used on women’s hair simply because it’s longer. Our male clientele are often undecided whether they should go to a barbers or a hairdressers in the first place. But at OPEN Hairdressing, we regularly suggest that men use conditioner. This kind of formula seeps into each follicle to nourish it and restore healthy looking hair. You can see that after a few washes, your hair will become smooth, shiny and way more manageable. As a result, you’ve paved the way for an easier styling experience.

Choose subtle and simple or go all out!

In most cases, the natural look is a no-brainer when it comes to men’s hair colour. We think it’s important to support our male clientele as their hair changes and tweak the colour accordingly. It will lead to easier maintenance in the future, we promise. Alternatively, if you are looking to make a big change, nothing should stop you from taking this step. Switch it up as much as you like!

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