Hairdressers Or Barbers: Which One Is Actually Right For You?

Nowadays, the line between barbers and hair salons is becoming increasingly blurred. Ultimately, where you go to have your hair cut should be based on what you style you want. Because it’s so important that you feel comfortable. It’s equally important that the relationship you foster with your barber or hairdresser is a positive one. However, many of us are still unsure of which is right for them.

For those who are still questioning hair salon vs barber, we are here to help. We’ve ironed out a few details to help you determine which setting is the best place for you!

Cut by John Phillips

What is a barbers?

A barber is defined as ‘a person who cuts men’s hair and shaves or trims beards as an occupation’. Barber shops tend to specialise in traditional short cuts and techniques specifically for male clientele. For some, barber shops appeal due to their no fuss, quick and simple appointments. In some cases, you can walk in for a haircut without an appointment.

In addition, most barbers will have a higher familiarity with men’s hair. They tend to offer excellent shaving and grooming services as well. The products that are used in a barber’s is likely to be tailored specifically to men’s hair. This would be the complete opposite to the wide range of brands used in a hair salon.

Stylist Harry in Berkhamsted

What is a hair salon?

A hair salon is defined as ‘a shop where people go to have their hair cut and put into a particular style’. A salon environment means that, just like women’s hair, the variety and possibility of men’s hair styling is greater. This is because, unlike a barbers, a hair salon is more likely to be suggest trendy and fashionable alternatives.

Making an appointment in advance makes a hairdresser’s almost seem spa-like. Clients don’t mind taking the time to relax and soak in the atmosphere. Salon stylists are also confident when working with slightly longer lengths of hair, and styling looks such as a quiff. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a colour treatment, it’s unlikely that a barber could offer you this service.

Keeping it OPEN!

But where does OPEN Hairdressing fit into all of this?

Forgive us as we may be biased. We’ve already listed reasons why you should visit our hair salon in Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted! But above all, OPEN Hairdressing welcomes male and female clientele and it makes our stylist’s days more interesting.

Having our salons in three locations means that clients can conveniently visit us without travelling far. Unlike a traditional barbers, we don’t do cookie cutter haircuts. As a modern hairdressers in Hertfordshire, we want your look to be focused on what’s important to you; blended with our knowledge of current trends and styles. We want to ensure that every client walks away with a look that’s easy to maintain and style at home.

If you would like to book a consultation or appointment with OPEN Hairdressing, it’s very easy to arrange. We’ll do everything we can to book you in at a time when it’s convenient for you:

To arrange a visit to OPEN Hairdressing Berkhamsted, call us on 01442 862227 or drop us an email;

For OPEN Hairdressing Harpenden, please call 01582 762444 or email us instead;

To arrange a consultation at our award-winning Hemel Hempstead salon, please call 01442 262673 or send us an email.