Why It’s Really Important to Perform A Patch Test

Dying hair is a hugely exciting and imaginative process for both clients and colourists. Moreover, it’s reassuring to know that the majority of people do not have any issues at all after carrying out a patch test.  

However, there are occasions when some people can experience hair dye reactions after becoming sensitised to hair dye chemicals. These reactions can still occur even if you’ve used a patch test kit many times previously. Furthermore, those who do not carry out the test correctly (or at all), run the risk of damaging their hair. This can also affect the skin and overall health

But don’t worry – we’re not here to scare you. We simply want to make you aware of why patch tests are so essential in preparation for a colour appointment. Wella products are used in our salons; they have been meticulously developed to give our clients professional, long-lasting and ergonomic results. 

Our priority is to ensure that our clients are happy, safe and healthy. So it’s vital that clients take responsibility to perform a patch test. That way, we can we can guarantee that your appointment will reflect what you’d expect from a top London salon. This also means you can relax and make yourself comfortable without experiencing any nasty side-effects! 

Furthermore, clients are welcome to book a FREE consultation with any of our stylists if they are unsure about their patch test. Our team of dedicated stylists can show you the products themselves and help you carry out the test safely.

For a consultation at our Harpenden salon, call 01582 762444 or email the salon directly

To book at Berkhamsted, call 01442 862227 or email the salon to arrange a time; 

Or for our Hemel Hempstead salon, call 01442 262673 or email the salon. 

So how do I complete a patch test? 

A general rule of thumb is to take a patch test at least 48-hours before your appointment. This has to be completed for both permanent and semi-permanent dye. 

Place it somewhere where the skin is thin, such as behind your ear or on your arm. 

Again, even if you’ve had colour applied for many years or you’re a new OPEN client – it’s still paramount that you patch test hair dye. No two brands are the same nor ingredients so test, test, test! 

If you’ve been using the same dye repeatedly, it’s likely you won’t encounter any problems. If you haven’t dyed your hair for some time but still use the same dye – we recommend you still trial it beforehand. 

Any irritation? Wash off immediately and seek medical advice if symptoms worsen. 

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, we strongly advise all clients to inform OPEN Hairdressing 48 hours in advance. This means we are able to offer appointments to other lovely clients and our stylists can keep busy! 

Please contact or book a FREE consultation for an in-depth discussion on how to perform a patch test. However, if you would like more information on hair dye reactions, consult the NHS website for detailed guidance.