How to Find Cuts that Really Suit You Based on Your Face Shape

Once you determine your face shape, haircuts are easier to choose when you know what dimensions you’re working with. It’s not as complicated and long-winded as it sounds. By carrying out just three easy measurements, this trick can help you to discover which hairstyle would truly flatter you.

So, how do I find out which face shape I have?

The Forehead: Calculate the width of your forehead by placing a tape measure from hairline to hairline (left to right at the widest part).

The Jawline: From the bottom of your ear to the middle of your chin, measure this length. Then times this number by two.

The Face: At the top of your forehead (from the hairline) to the middle of your chin, measure this length from the centre. Ensure the tape measure passes over your nose for an accurate reading. Gather these numbers and match yourself to the face types listed below!


Is the measurement of your face length similar to the width of your face (ear to ear)? Then it’s likely that you may have a round face. These individuals are lucky in that they can suit almost any hairstyle. However, OPEN Hairdressing has some tricks that we use in our salons to accentuate your cheekbones and slimline the face.

Discuss the possibility of applying shorter layers or even a centre-parting with your stylist. A long-fringe cut that sits just on the cheekbones will really help them to stand out.


If your cheekbone measurement is wider than your forehead measurement but shorter than your face length, you may be sporting a diamond-shaped face.

Shorter hairstyles are a great way to show off this face shape. However, if you aren’t ready for an above-the-shoulders look, OPEN will show you how to style your hair back and away from your face instead.


Firstly, see if your cheekbone-to-cheekbone measurement is shorter than your face length. If you notice that your face tends to be soft and rounded but your face in longer, you probably have an oval-shaped face.

Hairstyles for oval shape faces look amazing when a stylist adds a few subtle layers. This will give your hair some extra height and body.


You may fall into the heart-shaped face category if your forehead measurement is longer than your jawline measurement. Your chin may even have a strong point.

Haircuts for heart-shaped faces are very similar to our diamond-shaped friends. This is because they can both benefit from hairstyles where the majority of the face is on display. Maybe a stylish bob with a sweeping side-parting could be on the horizon for you?


Did your results tell you that you have a squared forehead and jawline? A rectangular-shaped face will tend to have a longer face length than their forehead measurement.

Full-fringes and bohemian hairstyles work wonders with a rectangular-shaped face. We encourage our clients to consider a look where it doesn’t interfere with their day-to-day routine but still looks great!


If the width of your face from one side of your jaw to the other is similar to your forehead measurement, you could be considered to have a square-shaped face. This is largely because of your strong jawline.

Square faces can be softened with a loose curl and they’re perfect for mid-length to long styles. You can ask one of our team members to diffuse your hair next time you visit OPEN Hairdressing.

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