Here Are 4 Quick Ways You Can Improve Your Hair Routine

OPEN Hairdressing is always happy to provide hair inspiration to clients who are in need of a serious hair revamp. Sometimes, we can get so tired of our hair. A trip to the hairdressers often feels like it’s the only option we have. But this isn’t entirely true. There are some simple things that you can do to refresh your look. At OPEN Hairdressing, we know our clients are always on the search for simple and effective ideas that are cost-effective and bring about the best in you. So what do we advise you do to take your hair to the next level?

Consider Changing Your Parting

This change can make you look at your hair in a completely different way. The middle parting is a hugely popular option to try. It’s not just a trend that’s reserved for the early 2000’s! A middle parting can softly frame the face and immediately elevate your hair game. If you find that the middle isn’t for you, a neat side parting is a great choice. This style works especially when a a few curls are added for extra volume! Never think that your hair is one ‘shape’, test the possibilities and see what works for you.

Grab the Accessories!

Hairbands, hair clips, ribbons, scarves – you’ll be surprised how much of a difference these little additions can make. Whether you go for something modern or opt for retro fashion, this can be a fun way to get out of a hair rut!

Invest in High-Quality Styling Tools

Let’s own up to this one. When we style our hair the same every day, we can become lazy or even afraid to try something new. However, introducing a new styling tool can drastically improve your routine. With practice, you will have the confidence to operate and style your hair. At OPEN, we use tools like the Dyson hairdryer and Cloud9 styling tools. You can always contact our salons or visit us in person if you need a demonstration on how to perfect your styling skills.

Add Some New Tones!

Perhaps you could try something other than ‘the usual’. Why not ask our team to apply some new colours into your hair? Whether your choose cooler or warmer tones, this is a subtle way to liven up your hair without going for a complete overhaul.

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