Here Are The Top 3 Easy To Copy 80’s Hair Trends

Anyone who has regularly visited the OPEN Hairdressing salons will know that we love 1980’s hair and fashion. 1980’s hairstyles were directly influenced by culture, film, art and music. And it seems that it’s affected many areas of OPEN salon life – from our interiors to our salon playlist.

Are you looking to recreate an 80’s look at home? Then here are three simple steps we advise you take to achieve this old-school vibe.

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John Phillips modelling an 80’s look

Bring on the Heat

First of all, as Grace Lillie at OPEN Hemel Hempstead is demonstrating, apply heat to hair once it’s been treated for preventing heat-damage. This will help to mould your hair into your desired style.

Separate your hair into small sections and with comb before drying in an upward motion. This will allow your hair to have maximum staying power.

Model with the 80’s look

Think High

Above all, apart from a good ol’ blow-dry, we say 1980’s hairdo’s are often distinguished by height.

We suggest that voluminous tresses can be achieved with a whole host of products from Bumble and Bumble or Davines (dav-in-as). Our brilliant stylists can show you which ones are perfect to take home with you.

And Hold it Right There!

OPEN client shows us an 80’s style for men

Finally, compliment your 1980’s hair with a spray or texturizer in the final stages of the styling process. As a result, it ensures that your hair remains manageable throughout the day and keeps your final look in check.

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