See Behind the Scenes of Our Epic Education Scheme

Headed by ex-Vidal Sassoon stylist and educator John Phillips, OPEN has finally launched it’s Hairdressing Education scheme!

OPEN Education has been designed to foster talent from across the business and teach hairdressing to a whole variety of people who are looking to break into the hairdressing business. It’s been a huge passion for OPEN’s Co-Directors to share the OPEN way of hairdressing. And one way the senior stylists engage and excite their team is through live demonstrations.

John Phillips demonstrates in front of his peers
OPEN Education in full swing
Berkhamsted stylist Harry explaining his process to the audience

Senior members of staff will invite a model into an OPEN salon and style them in front of their peers. The stylists discuss their design process, highlight the importance of client-hairdresser relations as well as engage in a general Q&A. And all with a dash of friendly banter!

It’s a thumbs up from Harry
Harpenden stylist Hannah has a laugh while Oli dries her hair

Commercial hairdressing tends to dominate a hairdresser’s work. However, John informs his crew that salon work allows them to broaden the possibilities of what they can create. And here some of the finished looks…

John making the finishing touches
A vibrant and fun style created by John Phillips
Harry styles his model’s hair with Davines products
A wavy, candy floss pink look by Harry Connors

Often OPEN stylists are inspired by their client as opposed to what is going on ‘out there’. The Co-Directors instil in every team member to make the effort to know their client and their hair as best they can. As a result, we can all highlight each other’s strengths. Stay tuned.

If you would like to join the OPEN Hairdressing Education scheme, please follow the link to our careers pages.