Here Are 3 Poolside Reads that are Really Anything but Boring

Choosing the best poolside read can seem like a trickier task than it needs to be. Will it sustain my interest beyond the first page? Is it worth buying this book? Will I actually take something away from this? These are all relevant questions – and we’ve come up with a few OPEN-themed suggestions to set your mind at ease.

The Story of The Face: The Magazine that Changed Culture – Paul Gorman

For those of you who may have visited OPEN Hairdressing Harpenden, our walls are adorned with covers from The Face Magazine. With it’s return early 2019, there’s more to this magazine than meets the eye. Originally a style magazine that shaped trends in the 80’s, it’s a beloved read thanks to OPEN Hairdressing’s Director John Phillips.

Ultimately, this book takes a deep look into how one publication shaped youth culture. This also includes an insight into topics such as music, fashion, photography and film. A really engaging read, it’s a true blast from the past and yet remains oh so modern with five star reviews all round!

Purchase the book from Amazon here.

Vivienne Westwood – Vivienne Westwood and Ian Kelly

Vivienne Westwood is a rebel and a major cultural influence during the 1980’s. She is everything from a fashion designer to a co-founder of the punk movement to a grandmother. She collaborated with award-winning biographer Ian Kelly for her book. Together, they describe her life in incredible detail with honesty, glamour and raw passion. It’s highly unlikely that Vivienne’s work will be forgotten.

Purchase the book from Amazon here.

Vidal: The Autobiography – Vidal Sassoon

Almost every member of the OPEN team has been inspired in some way by the sensational Vidal Sassoon. A pioneer in hairdressing, he came from a poor background to becoming a household name all over the world. Paired with a strong vision and determination, Sassoon recalls the life-altering events in series of entertaining anecdotes. His story shows us how much he remains down-to-earth despite his extraordinary circumstances.

Purchase the book from Amazon here.

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