7 Simple Reasons Why You Should Choose OPEN Education vs Apprenticeships in London

When you’re deciding where to start a hairdressing apprenticeship, there is a lot to take into consideration. Maybe the bright lights of London are calling to you. Or perhaps you simply don’t know which way to turn. Well, OPEN Hairdressing is here to help steer you in a new direction.

OPEN Education is our in-house training scheme based in Hertfordshire. Our aim is to bring out your best and help you to grow on both a professional and personal level. Our senior stylists have combined what they have learned previously from their training in the capital and given it an OPEN twist! If you become a successful applicant, then you could be saving yourself from a hectic student life in London. However, if you’re still undecided, we have listed some of the best reasons why you should choose OPEN Education as opposed to choosing a hairdressing apprenticeship in London. Here goes…

Ben and John outside OPEN Hairdressing

You’ll be learning from former London hairdressers

Who says you need to be in London to learn about all there is to know about hairdressing? OPEN Hairdressing Director John Phillips is a former London-trained hairdresser and educator at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy. He has years of experience in the industry along with OPEN Co-Directors Jack Palmer and Ben Harrison. Together, they have devised a programme that demonstrates that you can receive top-quality education from experienced professionals outside of London. They all have a raw passion for hairdressing and take pride in helping people to expand their skill set. And even if you feel that you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, London is less than an hour’s commute from all OPEN salons anyway.

No need for long car journeys!

Save on travel expenses

Travel costs for cars and public transport are becoming increasingly expensive nowadays. While London is a hub of creativity and opportunity, it isn’t always a convenient distance to travel. Furthermore, living costs in the capital aren’t kind to anyone’s purse strings, let alone your stress levels.

However, with OPEN Education, you can expect to receive the same level of education on your doorstep. It’s just like our clients who come to us ready for a London-esque salon experience. That means more money in your pocket and the chance to spend on the things that will actually benefit you and your future.

The OPEN Team

Experience a supportive environment

Our OPEN educators will be with you every step of the way, including senior stylist and passionate educator Oli Tilney. Not only will you build good rapports with all OPEN stylists/colourists, but you can also work with like-minded trainees. OPEN Hairdressing really thrives on a collaborative work environment. We ask that apprentices are curious, engaged and have fun whilst learning.

Apprentice Josh practicing his foiling technique

Unleash your creativity

We’ve all experienced times when we really want to show off our creative side. On the other hand, sometimes we just don’t know how we can show it! But if you love fashion and still like to keep things personal, hairdressing is the perfect combination of practical and theoretical innovation.

On training days, you will interchange between learning about cutting and colouring. Take it from our former apprentice Charlotte – she was responsible for bringing in her own models before she qualified as a full-time stylist. This aspect of training allows you to experiment with different hair types and clientele. Help will always on hand and no question is to big or small for our educators.

Hair products from Bumble and bumble

Same products, three awesome locations

Many of us think that the hair products that London hairdressing education facilities use are solely exclusive to them. This is not true!

Across the OPEN Hairdressing salons, we only use expertly-crafted products from world-renowned brands Bumble and bumble and Davines. You can get to grips with the entire range and discover how we use them day-to-day on the salon floor. There will also be product workshops to deepen your awareness of the industry led by internal and external professionals. Currently, the number of trainees we teach is quite small so you can guarantee you’ll have our undivided attention.

Salon Director John Phillips demoing to the junior team

Understand what’s important apart from hairdressing

Customer service; working as a team; taking on constructive feedback; multi-tasking – there is so much more to hairdressing than meets the eye. Hairdressing is a hugely sociable line of work so knowing how to behave and interact around others is something you’ll build upon time and time again.

colour training day in full swing with london educator Sam

Get qualified

Ultimately, one of the best reasons to choose OPEN Education is because you will receive recognised hairdressing qualifications at the end of your training. You will have the chance to discuss your progress with your educators throughout your time with them. They will also help to ease you into other roles such as an assistant and later, a qualified hair stylist or colourist.

For more information on OPEN Hairdressing’s Apprenticeship scheme, please click the link here. It details a full hairdressing apprenticeship job description and you’re also welcome to have a look at our Careers page.

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