Molly Satts and Local Millinery’s Best Advice for Occasion Hair

Occasion hair isn’t necessarily the first thing that many of our clients think of in relation to OPEN Hairdressing. However, this doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to offer you something a little different!

The warmer weather often means that many of us have special occasions to attend. Whether you’re attending a wedding, Cheltenham Racecourse, Henley Royal Regatta or perhaps Goodwood Revival, events like these require attendees to wear a stand-out hat. However, wearing the right occasion hairstyles with the right hat is a tricky aspect to plan in the run up to the big day. So where do you start?

We’ve called upon our lovely Harpenden stylist Molly Satts to tell us a bit about what she would advise when choosing an occasion hairstyle.

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Molly in action

As a hairdresser, Molly, what would you advise your clients to consider about their hair if they are heading to a special occasion?

I would always take the amount of hair that a client has into consideration. Long, heavy hair is prone to falling down and losing it’s shape. Therefore, I would definitely keep to a low hairstyle or even suggest clients have their hair down.

Also, think about the temperature! If you anticipate it’s going to be a very hot day, would you want your hair on your neck? And as for hats – how are you going to work a fascinator into your hairstyle?

Are there any particular looks you like to create yourself?

My favourite look has to be a simple middle parting down complete with beach waves. I tend to add a fair amount of product to keep the hair textured.

What would you say is the look that is most requested?

The most popular look that is requested is a low, messy bun with two strands of wavy hair at the front. I personally like that look too – it’s so easy but effective!

Any last minute advice?

I would always suggest you just ask yourself is my hair going to look good and still last after a drink and a dance? With the help of an OPEN hairdresser, you’ll understand what is right for you and your hair.

We also teamed up with local business Love Lupin Millinery. This colourful boutique is situated not far from our busy Harpenden salon. Offering an array of hats, Love Lupin’s ready-to-wear collection includes top names in the millinery industry and even offers a bespoke service. Run by Vivien Miles, she offers her advice on how to create a perfect hat and hair look that’s ideal for you and your special day.

Vivien, what would you advise clients to consider about their hair in relation to choosing a hat for a special occasion?

How are they planning to wear their hair? Most hats look best when worn with hair up but this can still be done in a very informal and relaxed way. Messy up-do’s can look really pretty with a wide variety of hats – from occasion headbands through to more formal hats. Very short hair can look really sharp and cool when worn with sleek pillboxes or asymmetric saucers. Clients also need to consider the type of event and how formal it may be – a large cathedral wedding or an informal beach ceremony call for different hats and hairstyles. 

Rainbow Feather Pink Hat by Love Lupin

Are there any particular hat trends we should be looking out for this year?

Hats with bright colours are definitely ones to look out for. This year, bold colours are very popular; orange, cobalt, yellows and hot pink look great when mixed with metallics. Furthermore, pillbox hats gives lots of scope for a beautiful up do as this small hat leaves most of the back of the head exposed. These can also look fantastic with hair scooped around to one side. 

Swirl Pillbox Hats from Whiteley

Net veiling is also not just for brides! This style definitely needs to be worn with glamorous hair – no casual hair with this look. As for Crowns / Halos, they’re the upmarket version of the headband trend. It’s a perfect choice for a dressy wedding. Again, this tends to look best with hair up and can be formal or softer. But there’s also a Boater Hat; these look great with a trouser suit and a long, sleek ponytail!

Large Boater Hat with Ribbon by Trudy Comfort

Any last minute advice?

Take an umbrella as no hat (or hairdo) likes the rain. Smile and you’ll have a great day!

Love Lupin logo sourced from Instagram